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Posted by Jill Russell on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 @ 2:22 pm EST
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 We banded 194 individuals, recaptured 1 female Indigo Bunting from 01Oct2009 for a total of 195 from 12 species. Banded birds included:

Nashville Warbler-1

Palm Warbler-6

Common Yellowthroat-20

E. Phoebe-1

Indigo Bunting-17 [+1 recapture]

Am. Goldfinch-78

Field Sparrow-2

Swamp Sparrow-12

Lincoln’s Sparrow-8

Savannah Sparrow-7

Song Sparrow-39


 Yes we banded three Bobolinks!! Two were hatch-year females

and one an after-hatch year male

Note that the male looks very different in his basic plumage than we typically see while breeding in summer. These guys might wind up as far south as Argentina this fall!!! The males colors appear richer than the females, but they are easily sexed by wing cord length-males are greater than 93mm females less than 91mm. 

 There were numerous other birds around that didn’t make their way into the nets—Cooper’s Hawk (almost ended up in the net!), Bobwhite, woodcock, Sedge Wrens, ect.

Hopefully Sat morning will be as nice as today!!!

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