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Skyline Chili Challenge

More information to come about past, current, and future Skyline Chili Challenges…

Chili Challenge Map – PDF Format (745 KB)
Chili Challenge Map – JPG Format (514 KB)

Rules of the Game

1. The Skyline Chili Challenge runs from January 1 through midnight on May 15.
2. Birding must take place within a 75 mile radius of Oxford, OH [see map].
3. In order for a species to count toward the team total, two individuals on the team must see that species (if the team only has two members both must see each species).
4. All birds must be seen, no vocalizations except for goatsuckers, owls, rails, quail, and bitterns. Flycatchers must be heard to confirm ID. Unusual birds must be documented appropriately (example: Broad-wing Hawks before April 15, or Rufous Hummingbirds, etc.).
5. Teams will be made up of either two or three people.
6. Monthly cumulative totals will be tallied – do not “stockpile” birds (post as soon as reasonable).
7. Final count will be made after dark on May 15, 2008, winning team will be determined by the highest team species tally.
8. The winning team will be treated to a meal at Skyline Chili by the remaining teams and potentially receive cool Skyline Chili paraphernalia AND be able to display the coveted Skyline Chili Challenge trophy for a whole year!!

For more informaton, contact:  Dave Russell