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AREI’s activities enable both the young and the young-at-heart to appreciate, learn, and develop a sense of responsibility and love for our living world. We utilize bird banding to introduce nature and the environment through a bird’s eyes.  Our Outreach activities allow us to visit folks that are unable to get out to the banding stations.  We can bring the outdoors to them by conducting banding demonstrations and providing information on avian conservation.


Small, brightly colored avian gems create an immediate bond that opens minds and allows us to introduce important environmental concepts and problems. Understanding where birds go, how they get there, and what they need to survive, all allow for open discussions on habitat, pollution, geography, physiology, and conservation – concepts that are usually only words in a classroom.

AREI staff make presentations to several community groups including: Lions Clubs, Isaac Walton Leagues, Audubon groups, Nature Centers, Birding groups, Garden Clubs, retirement communities, and more.

2010 Outreach Activities

Note: Check back often for new updates and additions! Check the calendar page for a more detailed schedule and description of events.

January:  Chili Challenge Kickoff, Banding and Training at CBO, Banding at ERC, Birding trip for Winter Finches, Talk at Aullwood Audubon Center, Queen City Bird Festival planning meeting, Miami University Ornithology class visits banding stations.

February:  Banding and Training at CBO, sporadic banding at HWBS, MSJ Basic Birding class visits banding station, Great Backyard Bird Count, Keynote Speakers at Hauck Awards (The Seven Hills School), MSJ Birding Club trip for ducks, Talk at the Darke County Birders Club, QCBF planning meeting.

March:  Banding at CBO and HWBS, MSJ Birding Club trip for woodcock and owls, QCBF planning meeting.

April:  Banding at CBO & HWBS, Ohio Bird Banders Association Meeting in Cleveland, Life Learning Class at Sisters of Charity, QCBF planning meeting, High school classes visit HWBS, Miami University Ornithology class visits banding stations, booth at Earth Day festival in Oxford, OH, 6th grade classes visit banding station, birding trip to Ottowa NWR.

May: Banding at CBO  & HWBS, QCBF planning meeting, Honey Do Garden Club visits banding station, Queen City Bird Festival, Big Day of Birding, Chili Challenge ends.

June, July & August:   Jill & Dave Russell teaching at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and visiting the Alaska Bird Observatory.

September: Banding at CBO & HWBS, Sparrow banding at Miami Whitewater Park (Shakertrace Wetlands), Jill Russell presentation on the Ivorybill Woodpecker Expedition at Brukner Nature Center, SKYPE with 7 Hills 6th graders.

October: Banding at CBO & HWBS, poster presentation at Ohio Ornithological Society meeting, poster presentation at the Inland Bird Banders Association meeting.

November: Banding at CBO, Saw Whet Owl Banding, banding at The Seven Hills School bird garden.

December:  Banding at CBO, lead bird walk for Audubon Miami Valley, Oxford Christmas Bird Count, Whitewater Christmas Bird Count.